Unlock Scoreboard Discounts with Sourcewell and Watchfire

Join Sourcewell purchasing co-op and gain access to specially priced scoreboards, video displays, and digital signs from Watchfire.

Discount Scoreboards
As a Sourcewell account holders, you can leverage the buying power of a co-op. By pooling your resources with other organizations, you can enjoy significant cost savings and stretch your budget further. You’ll receive value pricing on Watchfire scoreboards and video displays for football, basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, and other sports.

Streamlines Procurement Process
Don’t get bogged down in countless hours in preparing and reviewing bids. Sourcewell is authorized to establish competitively awarded cooperative purchasing contracts. Sourcewell is a government agency that works like you, through a trusted process that satisfies bid requirements.

Free Membership
Sourcewell is available at no cost, no obligation, and no liability to public agencies, school districts, state colleges and universities, and local governments. Tribal governments, nonprofit organizations, and other similar entities may also participate.

Let a Watchfire representative reach out to you and share the benefits of purchasing co-ops.