Benefits of Buying a New LED Sign

Like most electronics, digital sign technology is changing fast. What was cutting edge 10 years ago can’t compete with current generation offerings.

Digital displays have evolved over the last decade to provide better graphics, more colors, better software, and more efficiency. These improvements provide a more cost-effective and convenient signage solution that will draw more attention to your location.

LED signs made seven or more years ago were at the forefront of LED technology, but times have changed. In 2007, 19mm signs were the newest innovation, and shortly after that, the 16mm was available. Depending on the size and viewing distance of your sign, these resolutions may still work for your location, but now, you’ll be able to buy more sign at a lower price, and you’ll get the added bonus of new features like cloud-based software, automated diagnostics, reduced energy consumption, and a sleeker cabinet that is easier to install.

Most businesses can benefit from upgrading to a higher resolution sign like our true 8 and 6 millimeter models. Today’s LED displays deliver high definition graphics at even shorter viewing distances. More detailed content looks crisp and clear on higher resolutions signs.

Today’s LED signs are capable of more sophisticated programming that optimizes how you advertise. Just like your computer, the software that runs the latest LED technology has improved features and more control. We made sure that these new features don’t make the software any harder to use. Watchfire’s Ignite content management system is still the easiest and most user-friendly option out there! From cloud-based access and automated diagnostics, to more support for data feeds and social media integrations, modern sign software is built around convenience and immediacy. Newer signs also have access to our EasyArt library through an online interface, which means you can download new EasyArt every month.

Energy efficiency is perhaps the most practical reason to upgrade your electronic message center. LED components are far more efficient than they were just five years ago. Digital sign products that meet the highest energy efficiency standards are awarded UL Green Leaf certification. Certified digital signage features innovations in ventilation, brightness control, and communication options that use significantly less power and have a reduced effect on the environment. Like other technologies, innovation is always focused around delivering more features while reducing energy consumption. We can even help you calculate how much you might save on operating costs by upgrading.

Upgrading to a newer LED sign is a smart move that can save you money and provide access to innovative features that aren’t available on older models. Higher resolutions make your content stand out from the crowd, and cloud-based software options allow you to control your sign from anywhere. Plus, these new innovations are combined with maximum power efficiency. Consider all of these factors, and it’s easy to see how a new LED sign can make a huge difference for your business.

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