Learn Why Watchfire Displays Are the Best Looking in the Industry

Did you know that no two LEDs are the same? To the human eye they may look the same, but even LEDs from the world’s best manufacturers always have tiny variances. Color calibration is a must; otherwise the display will noticeably deteriorate from tiling and quilting. It will be noticed.

Unlike our competitors, every Watchfire digital billboard and XVS sign undergoes our proprietary true color calibration process to ensure your display is a showstopper for a decade, or more.

It starts with the LEDs. All display manufacturers source LEDs that have been sorted into groups known as “bins” based on color and brightness. The term "single binning" is when all LEDs for a display come from a single bin. Single binning can produce a decent image on day one, but it is a crude sorting process and single-binned LEDs still have noticeable differences from LED to LED.

To ensure you get the best possible display, Watchfire purchases only ½ and ¼ binned LEDs – a selection process that is up to 4 times more refined. This narrow selection alone makes our boards stand out compared to single binned boards, and provides 20% more color uniformity from LED selection alone. But, where others stop is just where Watchfire starts.

Watchfire's true color calibration is a proprietary process that fine tunes even the smallest variances between LEDs. It’s a process we pioneered and have perfected since 2007. Each LED and each pixel are calibrated across the entire sign, taking into account considerations like viewing angle, so that the board has near perfect color and brightness uniformity. It takes expensive equipment and uses a lot of factory space, but results are worth the investment.

After calibration, a Watchfire display is 70% more uniform in color and 85% more uniform in brightness compared to manufacturers that rely on binning alone. That's a huge difference, and the reason so many of our boards are in the field for 10 years or more. It's a benefit that grows over time. Your Watchfire display will still be making you money, while others will be replacing their boards.

With Watchfire you’ll get a product that represents true to life colors with a rich and accurate color palette on day one, and for years to come.

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