How to Use an LED Sign

There is no more powerful, cost-effective tool for communicating to the potential customers that are driving in front of your business. Use your sign to encourage action 24-hours a day.

Content That Gets Attention

An LED sign, sometimes called an electronic message center (EMC) or electronic reader board, stands out with eye-catching messages that can be tailored on a moment’s notice to draw in the exact customer you want to reach. It is your 24-hour salesman, so creating effective messages is important.

To make the most of your investment, use your sign to display messages that encourage action. For retail locations, price and item advertising is an effective way to catch the attention of passersby. Service or community-related businesses will benefit from providing simple information such as the temperature or the date of an upcoming community event.

Whatever your business, consistent, accurate and timely information helps encourage your audience to rely on the sign and effectively turns your business into a landmark. And the best part is, changes and updates are quick and easy, with no manpower needed to manually change letters.

If you offer products or services that appeal to people at different times of day, use the Ignite content management system to daypart messages. Dayparting lets you display a specific message at a time when a product or service is most likely to be on the minds of consumers. This can mean advertising hot coffee in the morning, a lunch special at noon, or an ATM machine after the bank closes at 5.

Ignite even has the ability to display content based on certain conditions, so you can congratulate the home team on today’s win or advertise windshield wipers when it’s raining.

When it comes to message design, it’s OK to experiment with different fonts, colors, animations and images. We make it easy for your content to look professional by providing over 1,000 free still and animated pieces of artwork. Our EasyArt library gives you messages for nearly every occasion, and provides background animations so you can create customized content. New artwork is created each month, and it's all free to Watchfire customers. EasyArt gives you access to professional LED sign content that can help support your message and keep text concise and easy-to-read.

Preview each message on your computer and then take a look at new content on the sign. You may also find it helpful to drive by your business during the day and at night so you can see your messages the way passing traffic sees them.

Get more details about using Ignite to design content for your sign.

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