Learn About Pixel Pitch

The LED sign industry uses pixel pitch as a standard measurement to indicate the resolution of a digital sign based on the spacing of LED clusters – also known as a pixel. Learn about pixel pitch – how it’s measured and why it matters.

All of our outdoor LED signs are built with 12 inch by 12 inch digits, or "modules". Each grouping of 3 LEDs - one green, one red and one blue - represents a pixel. Pixels are populated to each module and spaced consistently.

The pitch of each module is derived by measuring the distance between each pixel. Increasing the pitch is going to spread out the pixels and give you a lower resolution for a more grainy image. A smaller pitch is going to compress the pixel spacing and result in a higher resolution and a more detailed image. Our pitch values range from 6mm, which is our highest resolution, to 19mm, our lowest resolution.

When deciding what sign and pixel pitch is best for your sign, location and viewing distance are the two most important factors.

High detail product photos and up close viewing – like pedestrian audiences or slow moving, very close traffic, for instance -- generally work best with a higher resolution. Signs that will be installed far from traffic or very high can be a lower resolution.

Watch this video to see how Watchfire products are classified and how to consider pixel pitch in your LED sign purchase plan.

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