Permits & Zoning Statutes

Zoning concerns are another great reason to work with a quality sign company in your area. Choose a partner who is familiar with your local sign ordinances and has the experience to guide you through the permitting process.

Communities all across the country and sign industry professionals have found common ground when it comes to LED signage, benefiting both the community and local businesses. Here are just a few considerations to keep in mind regarding the zoning and permitting process.

  • Effective LED signage can help increase the community’s tax base, reduce sign “clutter” and help local businesses thrive.
  • Watchfire products are also designed to be zoning-friendly. Our signs and software can be pre-set by our Service department to match the brightness, hold times and transition settings mandated by your local zoning ordinances.
  • Some communities cite safety concerns as a reason to strictly regulate signage, despite the fact that no correlation to driver distraction has been found. In fact, The Federal Highway Administration released a study that found that electronic signs were no more distracting to drivers than normal static signs.
  • How communities regulate signage can vary greatly, which is why it’s important to work with a sign company in your area that has experience with the zoning and permitting process in your community. Watchfire can assist with the process and work with you and the sign company to find common ground with your local zoning board.

When it comes to zoning and permitting, it is important to remember that everyone involved, the sign manufacturers, sign dealers, municipal officials, all have the same primary goal—ensuring any signage incorporated into the town’s landscape enhances the community and does not pose a safety risk.

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