Save Energy by Updating Your Old Bulb-Based Message Center

In this short video we talk about how much you can save on energy costs when you upgrade your old bulb-based message center. Lifetime operating costs are lower with Watchfire LED signs.

LED signs are more energy efficient than older bulb or flip units because LEDs themselves are more efficient. Ordinary incandescent light bulbs require a lot of power and only last around 1,500 hours. LEDs, on the other hand, can last 100,000 hours and consume a fraction of the electricity.

When compared with similarly sized bulb-based signs, LED signs burn fewer kilowatt hours per day. For example, a 4’ x 8’ LED sign costs an average of 34 cents per day to operate, whereas an older bulb sign of the same size could cost over $6 per day. That’s a $2,000 savings every year. At nighttime, when not as much brightness is needed, our automatic dimming function lowers power consumption even further.

All Watchfire LED signs carry UL’s Green Leaf Mark, meaning they help lower energy demand and comply with tough energy efficiency standards. We engineer and manufacture signs that give customers the lowest lifetime cost of operation. Our LED signs actually consume 50% less power than similar models we produced just five years ago. We work hard to deliver a high quality product that consumes as little energy as possible.

Because LEDs require far less amperage than the old bulbs, most bulb signs can be upgraded without the need to push more power to the sign site. This isn't the case with some competing products that require heating or air conditioning units on their signs to maintain optimal temperature. Naturally, that only adds expense to the cost of installation and the cost of operation. Watchfire signs are designed and tested to operate from -40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit using only the energy efficient built-in fans we provide. Our signs are purposefully designed to be feature rich and cost conscious at the same time.

When you upgrade a sign, don’t make a decision based on the initial sticker price. Carefully consider the lifetime cost of operation of the sign and make sure there are no hidden costs during installation. Like any important purchase, knowing the manufacturer is committed to saving you money over the lifetime of the sign will give you peace of mind that you’ve made a wise investment.

Smart customers do their homework. Learn how to select an LED sign manufacturer in this guide.

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