Watchfire Ignite OPx

A digital sign is only as great as its content. That’s why you need premium content management software to get the most out of your digital sign.

Ignite OPx is Watchfire’s cloud-based, content management software that runs on any platform with a browser, including a Mac. Built with powerful media tools and advanced customization options, Ignite OPx makes it easy for anyone to create custom content and schedule updates to their sign from anywhere at any time. Watch the video to see how it works.

Creating custom content is easy with our integrated editor. Drag and drop elements, such as text, image, video, and dynamic counters right onto the canvas. You can use our EasyArt library and select from over 1000 pieces of pre-made content. Ignite OPx is designed for both the simple and advanced user. Imported media can be automatically resized for optimal use, requiring no cropping of media beforehand. Or, you can access advanced options to tailor your content, such as video looping options, text styling, and multi-frame text. Ignite OPx makes it easier than ever to create professional content for your digital sign.

Scheduling content is a breeze with our innovative program and calendar editors. Drag and drop created content and EasyArt right onto the timeline. Set up regions for your large signs to display multiple playlists and content areas at the same time. Our user interface lets you easily reorder content and preview the full program with just a few clicks. You can then schedule your content to run at certain times of the day and set deactivation times, for example, once a sale has ended. Ignite OPx lets you connect with your customers at the right time and with the right message.

Updating content and managing your sign is seamless. Ignite OPx gives you diagnostics and control of all of your digital signs across all locations. In addition, you’re able to create multiple user logins and assign sign specific permissions to control who updates, creates, and schedules content. Ignite OPx gives you complete control of all your digital signs.

Ignite OPx is available for your Watchfire sign at no charge, with no user and no monthly subscription fees. And should you need it, you will have access to our renowned customer support team to help you with setup, training, or any questions you may have.

Premium content management software coupled with the most advanced digital signage available gives your business the tools it needs to connect with your customers and get them through the door.

To learn more about Ignite OPx or our digital signs, give us a call at 800-637-2645.

Questions? Let us connect you with your local Watchfire representative.

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