Ignite OPx Highlight Video

With Ignite OPx, you can manage your content, create schedules, and publish to your signs all from the cloud. Watch this video and learn how Ignite OPx makes content management easy and convenient.

Ignite OPx is a cloud-based software, so you never need to worry about updates, computer capability, or downloads. Access sign management from any internet-connected computer and invite your team to manage your sign’s content.

Upload images and videos, and use the versatile content editor to quickly create professional-looking messages. The editor is easy for users at all skill levels. You can experiment with the custom content editor tools and take advantage of Watchfire’s EasyArt library containing over 1000 different animations and still images.

Scheduling content in Ignite OPx is easy and flexible with our three other scheduling options: Playlists, Programs, and Calendars. Each option has its own list of features and provides complete flexibility. Publishing schedules onto a videoboard is even easier with just a few clicks.

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