Watchfire Ignite OP

Watchfire’s proprietary content management software makes programming your sign easy with eye-catching messages at your fingertips, straight forward scheduling and with an extensive EasyArt library of free animations and still images.

Easy Sign Management on Your Desktop

With Ignite OP content management software on your desktop, creating, scheduling, and publishing content to your sign is simple and straightforward. Ignite OP’s intuitive content editor allows you to create customized messages, upload images, and access our library of professionally designed artwork and animations. Select from multiple fonts and color combinations to enhance and modify your content. Ignite OP’s scheduling system makes it simple to schedule messages based on time of day, ongoing promotions, or events.

Watchfire Wireless Data Plans

Sign management is trouble-free with Watchfire’s exclusive data plan through Verizon Wireless. Watchfire customers can enjoy mobile content management and the convenience of reliable service with the purchase of a wireless data plan below market rates. Packages are available for the life of your sign.



Ignite is so easy to use, I’m able to do a lot of customization with it. I support local events and area high school athletics, and market our company’s promotional specials. I’m not tech savvy, but Ignite is very easy to use. If I can figure it out, anyone can.

  • — Gianna D’Angelo
  • Franchisee, Dunkin’, Everett, MA



Ignite OP for Updates from Your Desktop

Our proprietary Ignite software continues to be the industry’s most innovative digital sign content management system, and now it’s more advanced than ever. Ignite OP provides an intuitive desktop program that’s simple to run.

The Ignite workflow makes it easy to create, schedule and update your digital sign.

With Ignite OP, our free EasyArt library comes standard, and includes over 1000 pre-loaded stills and animations to make your messages look polished and professional.

Ignite OP is versatile. Content changes can be planned months in advance or updated quickly for real time updates. Advanced features like dayparting, live video on demand and content driven by RSS feeds are also available.

For installation instructions and Ignite tutorial videos visit our KnowledgeBase. For newer signs (generally those shipped after April 15, 2015) a digital download of the software and updated EasyArt files is available online.

Questions? Let us connect you with your local Watchfire representative.

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