Ignite Mobile

We now offer a new enhancement for Ignite OP users - a web app that allows sign owners to adjust their schedule from anywhere.

The power to update sign content is in your hands—anytime, anywhere. The Ignite OP web app is available with any Watchfire sign that uses wireless broadband as its communication method. With its groundbreaking features, Ignite OP mobile is the perfect app to manage your sign. Update playlists, publish content, schedule media, and run sign diagnostics, all from your internet-connected mobile device. All of your changes automatically sync to Ignite OP. And because Ignite OP mobile is web-based, there’s nothing to install, and it works with any modern browser on all major mobile platforms.

Watch this video to learn more about how the Ignite OP companion application puts the power to update your sign in your hands - on the go.

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