Scorer’s Tables

Fans sitting in the facility and fans streaming from home have front-row seats to the messages displayed on a courtside table. Watchfire’s video scorer's tables turn functionality into high-energy and profitable messaging.

Vivid and true to color, these portable videoboards are anti-glare and look great in any lighting condition. Manufactured to take impacts, this table is built with a polycarbonate display protector. The 10-foot table can stand alone or connect with additional tables, creating a single display, up to 60 feet long.

  • Protective padding in team colors
  • Cup holders, rack mounts, and power strips
  • 3" non-marking casters
  • Built-in horn

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Specifications 2.9mm 3.9mm 5.9mm
Table Dimension 10'3" x 3'5" x 3' 10'3" x 3'5" x 3' 10'3" x 3'5" x 3'
Video Display Dimension 2.5' H x 10' W 2.5' H x 10' W 2.5' H x 10' W
Max. Table Connection 3 4 6
Pixel Configuration SMD 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1
Field-Adjustable Brightness 800 nits 800 or 3500 nits 800 or 3500 nits

Watchfire LED displays are UL 48 & CUL 48 listed, FCC compliant and UL Energy Efficiency Certified. Subject to change without notice. Refer to Watchfire’s technical guides for detailed specifications and requirements.

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