Sound System

Say goodbye to garbled announcements and audio dead spots. Watchfire Sound™ systems are pre-assembled packages that provide ultra-clear and consistent audio. The single point system produces quality audio and keeps it contained inside the coverage beam. Watchfire Sound systems are ideal for outdoor venues like stadiums, athletic fields, sports complexes, and recreational parks. They can also be used for select interior locations, like hockey rinks and aquatic centers.

Watchfire Sound systems start with our smart cabinet. This preassembled speaker box can be customized with a team-branded mesh cover and can fit discreetly in a truss above the scoreboard. For outdoor projects, the all-weather cabinet is engineered for faster installation, easier service, and an optimal venue coverage pattern.

The Watchfire Sound systems bundle all the accessories you need to add excitement to any live event, like microphones, Bluetooth receivers, stereo mixers and long range antennas.

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Specifications 250D 500 500D 1500 2000 2000H
Key Feature High performance speaker Multi-speaker sound from a single point Stereo effect from a single point High output, full range audio Powerful studio-quality mix Fullest sound with enhanced bass
Fan Capacity Up to 1,000 2,000 2,000-10,000 2,000-10,000 2,000-10,000 2,000-10,000
Coverage Pattern 80° conical 90° H/60° V 60° H/20° V 90° H/50° V 90° H/40° V 90° H/60° V

Subject to change without notice. Refer to Watchfire’s technical guides for detailed specifications and requirements.

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