Standard Resolution LED Signs

Watchfire Standard Resolution LED Signs

Watchfire’s standard resolution displays are best suited for faster traffic locations that are farther from the roadway and higher above grade.

The affordability of these LED models provide a great opportunity for businesses to choose a larger display and call attention to their location, especially if it isn’t visible from the roadway. Even when displayed in out-of-the-way settings or on tall structures, wide-viewing angles makes standard resolution signs a vivid and visible choice. The 19mm is still our most popular model for digital billboards. These LED signs are particularly well-suited for highway and interstate traffic moving at speeds greater than 55 mph.

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Specifications 16mm 19mm
Pixel Pitch 16.93mm True Pixel 1R, 1G, 1B 19.05mm True Pixel 1R, 1G, 1B
Minimum Viewing Distance 38’ or greater 43’ or greater
Character Height 4” or larger 5” or larger
Live Video Capability Available on XVS models Available on XVS models
Whole-Sign Color Calibration Standard on XVS models Standard on XVS models
On-Demand Diagnostics Included Included
Module Dimensions 12” x 12” 12” x 12”
Matrix Configuration 18 x 18 pixels 16 x 16 pixels
Video Frame Rate (XVS model) Up to 60 frames/second Up to 60 frames/second
Video Frame Rate (W model) Up to 30 frames/second Up to 30 frames/second

Watchfire LED sign products are UL 48 & CUL 48 listed, FCC compliant and UL Energy Efficiency Certified.

The new Watchfire sign has made a positive impact on our branding and messaging to our community. We are extremely pleased with the quality of image and the customer service that we have received from Watchfire. I am a very satisfied customer and I am thankful we went with Watchfire.

Doug Whitney; Creative Services Director, First Baptist Church

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