Time & Temp Signs

Time and temperature signs were the precursor to today’s electronic message centers and are easily the most photographed signs in America.

In the beginning, displaying time and temperature required two separate signs, but in 1951, Watchfire (then Time-O-Matic) shipped the first sign from our Danville factory that displayed time and temperature using the same bank of bulbs. It was installed in Spokane, Wash., on Christmas Eve.

By 1998 we introduced LED technology to our product line and continued to develop new innovations like encapsulated modules, and through-hole LED construction to maximize image clarity and lengthen LED life.

In November of 2022 we discontinued time and temperature signs as the message center market has shifted to higher-resolution displays that incorporate more dynamic graphics. Every Watchfire LED sign in our product lineup can display the current time and temperature, and so much more. If you are looking to retrofit an existing structure that contains a Watchfire time and temp sign, talk with your Watchfire representative about replacement options.

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