Testimonial: The Lebowsky Center, Owosso, MI

The Lebowsky Center's newly refurbished marquee is noticeable from nearly a mile in each direction and the theater is now a beacon of light to let all know we are in business. We have received many accolades for the look of the new marquee.

The ease of the new marquee messaging system allows us to market and promote more than one upcoming event or performance at a time. It also allows us the freedom of thanking our show sponsors in a way that was not possible with the old marquee lettering. In addition, we intend the marquee to be a messaging system for other non-profit organizations. The old marquee required volunteers or staff to manually change the lettering, which involved climbing up 20’ to hang or remove letters. The new computer based systems eliminates such hazards and can be operated by one person.

With the new energy efficient technology, we minimize the consumption required to light the marquee. With LED video screens and lights, we maintain the Lebowsky Center’s LEED Silver certification.