Forest Commodities, Martinsville, IN

Forest Commodities in Martinsville, Ind., was having problems communicating the nature of their business to passing motorists. Tucked away along State Route 67, the premium mulch, playground and land clearing business depended on a ground lit plywood sign to grab drivers' attention. But the static sign wasn't getting the job done. When weather damage presented the company owner Dan Wooley with an opportunity to get a new sign, he called Mike Pflum at the Indianapolis-based Sign Solutions about an electronic messaging center.

“When Forest Commodities came to me looking for a sign, they were mainly interested in two things,” Sign Solutions Vice President Mike Pflum said. “Overcoming the fact that their business sits substantially off of the road and increasing sales.” According to Forest Commodities Owner Dan Wooley, the Watchfire LED sign succeeded in accomplishing both.

“We’re in a rural location,” Wooley said. “I thought, if we were going to spend some money, we should spend it where it will do us some good. I didn’t feel that putting just any old sign at this location would work. We needed an LED sign that would stand out.” Wooley said the sign has not only drawn positive responses from customers, but it has also significantly boosted sales. “We are a manufacturer, and we do a great deal of wholesale business,” Wooley said. “Even during difficult economic times, our retail business has picked up, and I attribute that to the sign.”

Pflum said he knew right away that a Watchfire LED sign was exactly what Forest Commodities needed. “We sell Watchfire above all else,” he said. “The principal reasons we do are that one, we have a very good business relationship with Watchfire, and two, the Watchfire Ignite® software is incredibly user-friendly. We hear it from customers all the time.” Wooley confirmed that the Ignite software, which sign owners use to put messages on their signs, is exceptionally easy to use. He hasn't experienced any difficulties with the software and said the positive experience extends to the Watchfire technical staff, as well. “We’ve enjoyed working with both Sign Solutions and Watchfire,” he said. "We’re incredibly pleased with our sign. If I could change one thing, I would have gotten an even bigger one.”

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