Quality and Reliability

At Watchfire, we know that high quality and unmatched customer service are values that turn shoppers into loyal customers and purchases into relationships. From our warranty to our unparalleled customer service, we have built our business around helping yours succeed.

Our manufacturing process is built on quality methods and materials, not cutting corners. We only use the most reliable, best performing components available. From superior weather and water resistance to strong, lightweight cabinets, our displays are designed to provide years of worry-free performance.

Both mechanically and electronically, our LED displays boast a streamlined design, low parts-count and simplified construction that minimizes maintenance and enhances reliability. These features give Watchfire products unparalleled field uptime.

Our patented multi-channel data configuration, available on most XVS signs, ensures that if an issue with a Watchfire LED sign ever occurs, it will be isolated to a single module and messages will still be readable. Without multi-channel data, one data connection error could affect all the modules in a row, leaving the sign unreadable.

We have engineered our displays to operate in all climates — from coastal regions with high humidity and salty sea air to desert areas with intense heat, high solar intensity and vast temperature changes. Before a Watchfire product goes to market, it must pass a battery of stringent tests for structural stability, windload, heat management, corrosion resistance and of course, water resistance.

Some of our most stringent tests include:

Temperature extremes

We design all our electrical components to withstand temperature cycling in our environmental chambers from -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F).

High heat and humidity

We ensure that all our LED modules can withstand 1000 hours at 85°C (185°F) and 85% relative humidity.

Salt fog

All modules pass the ASTM B117 salt fog test, which was originally designed to test corrosion resistance for automotive finishes.

High Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)

This process applies controlled thermal and mechanical stress to identify design weaknesses and avenues for product improvement.

Electrical disturbances

We perform a variety of electrical disturbance testing, such as EFT (electrical fast transient) and surge testing.

Underwater operation

For years, we’ve been proving the reliability of our modules by running them underwater for months at a time.

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