Guide: How to Choose the Right Manufacturer

Learn how to choose a reputable LED sign manufacturer with tips in this guide.

Are You Buying a Sign That Will Last?

Before you buy an LED sign, we recommend researching the manufacturer behind the sign. If you know which questions to ask and what to look for, you’ll avoid buying an inferior product that has little or no future support.

The investment in an LED sign is just too large to be gambling your success on an unknown vendor or the lowest quote. A sign that has persistent problems or doesn’t look good will leave your customers with a negative impression. And that can hurt your business instead of helping it.

Download this guide "Asking Hard Questions", and use it as a buyer's guide to investing in digital signage.

In this report you will learn:

  • How materials and sign construction impact energy usage and cost of ownership
  • Why you should verify the warranty and the level of service the manufacturer will offer
  • Why sign photos or online user testimonials are not enough
  • Why the best manufacturers provide a content management system developed specifically for their LED signs