Dick Van Dyke Appliance World, Springfield, IL

Dick Van Dyke Appliance World is a family-owned discount appliance store chain that has been serving central Illinois for nearly 40 years. Despite their old-fashioned values on customer service and quality, they also believe in state of the art technology that provides the best innovations to consumers in the area.

Owner Dennis Reiken wanted the most advanced technology to represent their different locations within local communities. “It’s hard to measure precisely why people buy from a store, but I believe that having a professional, modern appearance makes a huge difference in how people perceive the quality of what you provide,” said Reiken.

Reiken recognized the effectiveness of dynamic, animated content in promoting appliances – one of their most popular and attention-grabbing messages shows the inside of a dishwasher working during the wash cycle. The business’ LED signs take advertising beyond standard brand promotions. Reiken is also able to coordinate financing deals with companies offering special rates and terms. These changes can be affected by the market, but the quick programming features of Watchfire’s Ignite software ensures that there is no delay in getting customers the latest information.

The signs at Dick Van Dyke’s two locations have impressed Reiken with their quality and maintenance-free performance. “The signs run 24/7 and have survived storms and high winds,” said Reiken. “I’ve never had problems with their operation.”

The signs are part of a comprehensive media program that Dick Van Dyke Appliance World uses throughout their service areas, but if it came down to choosing a favorite medium, Reiken would stick with his LED signage. He states that he would drop radio, television, print and even his internet advertising before taking down the signs. “If you amortize the cost of a sign and figure in your location’s traffic counts, you’ll see the low cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of an LED sign. With multiple locations, I can program content once and push it out to whichever sign I want, whenever I want. The CPM is exceptional – the best available in the market. Why wouldn’t you do it?”

As a member store in the BrandSource network, Dick Van Dyke Appliance World is able to access substantial purchasing power on the variety of brands they offer. “I sit down with the representatives from major manufacturers that we carry, and show them the schedule and rotation of content on the sign,” said Reiken. “They’re always impressed. I can put their rebates on the signs and it brings traffic into the store without fail.”

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