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Watchfire backs our superior digital billboards with 92 years as an industry leader and exceptional service and support. From innovative design and engineering to solid client partnerships and 24/7 support, Watchfire helps build your business while you build profits.

Our digital billboards showcase superior, sharper, and more vivid images thanks to our use of single-bin LEDs sourced from the world's top-tier manufacturers. These LEDs are meticulously organized by batch, color intensity, and wavelength, and subsequently undergo color calibration to guarantee consistent color quality from the very beginning and for years ahead.

Our reputation is founded on the cultivation of robust, enduring partnerships, simplifying your digital billboard acquisition and contributing to the profitability of your company.

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Product Features

Ensure peace of mind in running your outdoor advertising business by choosing a manufacturer with the largest number of billboard customers compared to any other.

10-Year Assurance

Our MX Class digital billboards feature a ten-year uniformity and brightness guarantee, plus a ten-year parts and labor warranty.

Color Uniformity

After going through our proprietary color calibration process, a Watchfire digital billboard is 70% more uniform in color than other manufacturers.

Brightness Longevity

Our engineers have developed a method to increase brightness while maintaining longevity. We also select only the highest quality LEDs.

Why Digital

Increased Revenue

Digital billboards provide more flexibility and opportunities to increase your revenue. Going digital means you can automate your advertising schedule, leverage software customization features to make your ads feel timely and relevant, let the systems do more of the inventory management, and enable you to focus more on business operations like selling spots and developing new locations.

Why Watchfire

Superior Turnkey Service

Watchfire is superior because of our legendary uptime. A broken board means ad credits, revenue loss, upset advertisers, and missed opportunities. Watchfire has a proven track record for being more dependable than other brands. We strive to make sure your digital billboards look good for many years to come. Your success is important to us.

Product Options True-6mm True-8mm True-10mm True-16mm True-19mm E-16mm
Pixel Density 2,304/module 1,296/module 900/module 324/module 256/module 162/module
Whole Sign Color Calibration Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Automated Diagnostics Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Cabinet Weight            
     Bulletin 14’ x 48’ 5300 lbs. 5300 lbs. 5300 lbs. 6200 lbs. 6200 lbs. 6200 lbs.
     Jr. Bulletin 10’ x 36’ 2900 lbs. 2900 lbs. 2900 lbs. 3300 lbs. 3300 lbs. 3300 lbs.
     Poster 11’ x 22’ 1900 lbs. 1900 lbs. 1900 lbs. 2200 lbs. 2200 lbs. 2200 lbs.
Electrical Service/Max Amps            
     Bulletin 14’ x 48’ 187 amps 187 amps 184 amps 45 amps 45 amps 55 amps
     Jr. Bulletin 10’ x 36’ 99 amps 99 amps 95 amps 23 amps 23 amps 29 amps
     Poster 11’ x 22’ 63 amps 63 amps 63 amps 16 amps 16 amps 19 amps

Watchfire products are UL 48 & CUL 48 listed, FCC compliant and UL Energy Efficiency Certified. Bulletin, Jr. Bulletin and Poster specifications refer to common sizes in the billboard industry. Your Watchfire billboard will be custom-built to your specific size requirement.

Ignite OA

Designed by Watchfire for billboard operators, Ignite OA provides a superior scheduling and diagnostics suite for managing digital billboard media, campaigns, and inventory.

Software Features

Ignite OA has everything you need in one convenient place.

Conditional Content

Enhance your advertising by using conditional content that utilizes custom data feeds.

Performance Reporting

Provide advertisers with essential data and reports to maximize the impact of their campaigns.

Inventory Management

Optimize revenue by ensuring that advertisement spots are being efficiently utilized.

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