Mentor High School, Mentor, OH

Mentor High School, in Mentor, Ohio, isone of the largest high schools in the state. Recently, the district embarked on a comprehensive five-year upgrade of all its outdoor sports facilities. Among the much-needed improvements was the replacement of an outdated combination fixed-digit scoreboard and video display that had ceased to function at Jerome T. Osborne Stadium.

Opting for an impressive transformation, the school decided to install a colossal 21' x 50' video scoreboard manufactured by Watchfire. “We’ve made great updates to the stadium, including a new entryway, ticket booth, concession areas, and training facilities,” said Jeff Cassella, athletic director at Mentor High School. “The new videoboard allows us to do so much more and the quality of the video and animations is unbelievable.”

The newly-installed videoboard delivers high resolution and vibrant colors and has viewing angles ideal for the 8,000-seat stadium. It can display a virtual scoreboard, live video, and sponsor advertising in separate viewing zones, enhancing the overall experience for spectators and players. Jerome T. Osborne Stadium plays host to a wide range of events, including high school football, rugby, and track and field, as well as large youth football and flag football leagues. The videoboard can easily be programmed to highlight athletes, keep score for virtually any event, engage fans, showcase the performances of cheerleaders and band members, and live stream games and events happening on the field.

By replacing the old fixed-digit scoreboard with the advanced videoboard, the school has not only improved the overall atmosphere but also capitalized on an opportunity to enhance its sponsorship program and generate additional funds. With advertisements no longer fixed on the board, a greater number of sponsors can now be featured. “We’re hoping the sponsorships will pay for the board within a couple of years,” said Cassella. Students are involved in operating sideline cameras, creating graphics, and assisting in running the board.

Ruff Neon of Painesville, Ohio, specified Watchfire for the project, citing a long-standing working relationship and exceptional reliability. “We’ve worked with Watchfire for more than 15 years and their products are always reliable and look great,” said Jack Ruff, general manager at Ruff Neon. The installation of the Watchfire videoboard has transformed Mentor High School's Jerome T. Osborne Stadium into a cutting-edge sports facility, elevating the spectator experience and providing additional opportunities for the school and community.

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