Shawnee Township Offices, Lima, OH

Shawnee Township is a close-knit community near Lima, Ohio. They have about 12,000 engaged residents, so effective communication is important. For many years, the township had a wooden sign that that required frequent maintenance and couldn't pass on information to residents.

Missy Van Meter made it her mission to replace Shawnee Township's traditional letter board with a new LED sign. After researching several sign manufacturers, she decided on Watchfire. “One sign dealer brought out a Watchfire demo truck with two signs, and they were so vivid, we were convinced.” She picked the sign design she wanted right then and there.

The Shawnee Township complex houses police, fire, dispatch, roads, and administration. The sign benefits all of those groups, so it didn't take long to convince the board of directors of the benefits an LED sign investment. They were excited about the potential to regularly educate the community about issues and township policies.

The sign began to make an impact as soon as it was installed. “It was beautiful! I knew right away we’d made the right decision when we went with a Watchfire digital sign. Within a short time, we received more than 100 calls from residents complimenting us on it! It’s also so easy to program and change messages, which is a huge benefit,” said Van Meter

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