Official Video Scoreboard Manufacturer of the NFHS

Watchfire is proud to be an official provider of quality videoboards and scoreboards to the members of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS.)

Watchfire believes in building high-quality video scoreboards that celebrate high school athletics and activities while engaging communities. We are excited to deliver products that contribute to educational and revenue opportunities for high schools across the U.S.

OUTDOOR SPORTS –  Watchfire video scoreboards, game clocks, and locker room clocks are built to outlast and outhustle.  

INDOOR SPORTS – Fieldhouses turn into powerhouses with Watchfire videoboards, centerhungs, scorer’s tables, and shot clocks.      

SCORE, ENTERTAIN, AND EARN SOFTWARE – With no annual fee, Ignite Sports makes it easy to build content, zone for sponsorships, and display “make noise” animations. It supports scoring for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, football, soccer, and other sports.

AUDIO SYSTEM – Watchfire Sound™ systems provide ultra-clear and consistent audio for any size stadium.

VIDEO SYSTEM – Watchfire’s Action Package is a live video production system that provides instant replays and online streaming.

Download our Sports Guide and discover new possibilities for your high school.