Upgrade Your Scoreboard

Take your program to the next level when you replace your old scoring system with a new video scoreboard. Here are three reasons to upgrade.

FIRE UP FANS: Don’t lose fans to their phones. Your video scoreboard can be your very own entertainment and video production powerhouse. Hyper videos, player cards, dance cams and high-energy animations turn every game into the “big game.”

REPRESENT ALL SPORTS: Does your soccer scoreboard say “Downs” instead of “Shots on Goal” or does your volleyball scoreboard say “Fouls” instead of “Sets Won”? A Watchfire scoreboard lets you change the information displayed and support every sport (from football to soccer and from basketball to wrestling) at every level of play (from little league tee ball to major league baseball).

GENERATE REVENUE: A Watchfire videoboard can pay for itself. With ad zones and playlists, you can increase sponsorships without sacrificing the scoring or entertainment value of your videoboard.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine a Watchfire video scoreboard in your gym or stadium!

Let’s connect! We’d love to hear how you are imagining it and provide you tools and information you need to take your program to the next level.