Pitch Clocks

Baseball and softball have evolved both in how they’re played and the way fans interact with the game. Implementing pitch clocks is a great way to modernize your ballpark and improve the overall experience for players and fans. Pitch clocks provide a visual countdown that gives the pitcher a maximum time limit to deliver the ball, ultimately speeding up the pace of play.

Our easily customizable display settings allow you to set any time limit, catering to the regulations of any league or organization. With 30 color options and 2 different-sized models, the 18-inch and 36-inch, our softball and baseball pitch clock can fit and be read from almost anywhere in the stadium.

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Specifications PC-318 PC-336
Dimensions 2’ x 4’5” x 6” 3’6” x 5’10” x 6”
Weight 60 lbs. 100 lbs.
Digit Size 18" 36"
Digit Color Red, amber, or white Red, amber, or white
Viewing Distance 540 ft. 1080 ft.
Antenna Location Left side Left side
Cabinet Color 30 different options 30 different options
Wireless Yes Yes

Spectrum by Watchfire pitch clocks are ETL listed, follow the UL 48 guidelines, and are FCC compliant. Subject to change without notice. Refer to Watchfire’s technical guides for detailed specifications and requirements.

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