Shot Clocks

Not every facility is identical. Not every basketball program is the same, either. Watchfire offers various shot clocks with features that best fit your needs. Clocks are programable from 0 to 99 seconds and offer up to two presets. Every clock is engineered for durability and is capable of withstanding high-intensity ball impacts. Mount these timers on a wall, backboard, or other surfaces. Clocks are sold in pairs for your convenience.

We offer two standard models. The 5245 model displays the shot clock, while the 5200 displays both a shot clock and a game clock for comprehensive game management. These clocks synchronize with perimeter goal lights and a Watchfire video scoreboard. Choose single-sided or double-sided configurations.

If you’re looking for a basic shot clock to fulfill state or national rules, our independent clock is an affordable choice. It operates separately from any scoreboard, whether you currently use a Watchfire scoring system or not.

It’s a clock like you have never seen before. When integrated with Watchfire’s Ignite Sports software, the video shot clock becomes an independent videoboard. Choose to add a zone for a game clock or to display the mascot, and sponsorship ads when not in-game use. Video shot clocks include a perimeter light strip indicator and a protective shield to absorb impact.

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Specifications 5245 Shot Clock 5200 Combo Clock Independent Clock Video Clock
Game Clock No Yes No Yes
Video & Ads No No No Yes
Dimensions 24" x 24" x 5" 28" x 28" x 6" 19" x 15.5" x 3.75" 22" x 22" x 4.25"
Digit Size 14" 14", 7" 12" Adjustable, up to 20"
Digit Color Red or Amber Red, Amber, or Combo Red Any
Cabinet Color 30 Choices 30 Choices Black Black
Horn Built-in Built-in Built-in Audio System
Connection Wireless Wireless Wireless Wired

Watchfire shot clocks are ETL listed, follow the UL 48 guidelines, and are FCC compliant. Subject to change without notice. Refer to Watchfire’s technical guides for detailed specifications and requirements.

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