East-West Stadium, Fairmont, WV

The East-West Stadium in the Marion County School District was constructed in the 1930s as a New Deal WPA project. In January 2011, the stadium started undergoing renovations to accommodate more spectators. School officials chose an XVS 19mm LED sign, and the district made sign artwork design and updating part of its media production courses. The sign helped raise funds for the renovation project and became a learning tool for students.

Though East-West Stadium hosts football games between two rival high schools, the community easily came together to fund the sign. The stadium renovation fundraising group approached local businesses for pledges, offering video ads on the scoreboard and static tile ads under it in exchange for financial support. The response was overwhelming.

Soon after the LED sign was purchased and installed, Marion County made managing the sign part of the high school media production curriculum. Students and teachers learned to create artwork, schedule messages and update the sign with Ignite® Graphics Software. They also learned how to use TriCaster video production equipment that was integrated into the sign system.

The new LED sign premiered at the biggest football game of the season. Live video of the game, instant replays, player and cheerleader introductions, custom-made halftime show graphics designed by Watchfire’s Creative Services, and video ads from supporters made the big game even more special. The new scoreboard has increased student interest in media production, increased attendance at the big game and raised more donations for the stadium fund.

“The Watchfire LED sign and scoreboard have infused the community with excitement,” said Fairmont Senior Principal Chad Norman. His sentiments were echoed by Frank Moore, Marion County Athletic Director, who is convinced, “The scoreboard will help serve the community for years to come.”

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