Komfort & Kare, Magnolia, NJ

Komfort & Kare Orthotics and Prosthetics is a home medical equipment company specializing in custom-fabricated prosthetics. The company built and moved into a modern new facility in Magnolia, New Jersey, in 2014, and the owner began thinking about installing a digital message center to promote the business.

“We feel it’s important to show potential customers how custom prosthetics can change their lives,” said Seth Auerbach, president of Komfort & Kare. “I envisioned using our digital display to showcase photos of people playing golf, walking and enjoying life.” Auerbach invested in a monument sign with a large digital display, but soon after the modules began to fail. Auerbach had purchased replacement modules, but those soon ran out. What’s more, the software used to program the board was difficult to use.

“The sign company dug a trench and ran wires into our new building, cutting a hole in the side of it to connect cables to modems and routers,” said Auerbach. “It was a complete nightmare.” To make matters worse, the sign company went out of business, so any support or technical assistance they could offer also vanished. Undeterred from his original vision, Auerbach began researching replacement signs. After talking with several companies and evaluating their software, support, durability, and warranties, Auerbach was introduced to a Watchfire representative, who came to his office driving a demo truck with a message center on board.

“From the moment I spoke with the Watchfire rep, it was apparent that she was trustworthy and knowledgeable,” said Auerbach. “After having gone through an awful and expensive experience with our first message center, it was important for me to see the difference in quality with the Watchfire board and the passion of the company’s people.”

Watchfire worked with Philadelphia Sign Company to ensure the existing monument structure could be retrofitted with a new 10mm Watchfire message center. The sign company installed a custom frame in the original opening that the Watchfire modules fit in perfectly.

Programming the new message center is a breeze. “Watchfire’s Ignite software is very easy to learn, and the support has been terrific,” said Auerbach. “I can connect with the message center wirelessly, and Ignite has a free library of images I can use in addition to our own custom content.

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