Splash Car Wash, Montgomery, NY

Splash Car Wash, founded in 1981, has more than 80 locations in New York, Connecticut, and Vermont. Operating in a crowded market, Splash offers a unique experience and has been named "Best Carwash” more than 40 times by numerous publications.

Splash is known for creating car wash destinations that make them stand out. These destinations offer a great wash experience, unmatched customer service, and something a little unusual: attention-grabbing video walls and graphics.

Splash locations are designed by Glen Sheeley, who grew up in the car wash business. When Splash acquired his family’s Wash Co. car wash company in Middletown, N.Y., in 2019, Sheeley stayed on as the director of development. His designs include digital signage that makes a statement and creates customer loyalty—Sheeley partners with Watchfire and Gloede Neon Signs to do this.

"I was introduced to Watchfire while at my family car wash business,” said Sheeley. “We had a huge location with a Watchfire sign. When I started working with Splash to design and develop new locations, they let me use my imagination to build memorable car washes, and digital signage is an important part of that.”

Sheeley’s newest designs include two-story glass atriums with 30-foot-tall digital video walls viewable from the street. The indoor video wall can be seen by passing traffic and helps to advertise wash features and special services.
"One of our newest locations is located on a divided highway, and we needed a way to get motorists to turn around and visit the car wash,” said Sheeley. The digital tower features attention-grabbing graphics designed by Watchfire, including water falling as if a car is driving through a wash.

The sign has been so successful that Sheeley is including side-by-side digital wall towers in a new location that will work in tandem to expand the message area. For example, one graphic will show someone kicking water that lands on the other sign. The video walls are more than just eye-catching; they produce results.

"If we showcase a service like hot wax on the digital sign, we see a jump in sales for it,” said Sheeley. "We can increase upgrades on washes by 20% when we advertise the service."

Splash also encourages customers to engage with the signs, much like a social media channel, with promotions like a quarterly iPad giveaway for honor roll students and displaying photos of customers’ pets in Halloween costumes.

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