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Watchfire digital signs provide game-changing benefits for automotive dealerships, automotive repair centers, and car washes. Imagine being able to reduce your advertising budget while increasing your audience reach. Many auto sales, automotive service businesses, and car washes have found they can reduce their advertising budget after adding an electronic message center because it delivers results with a lower CPM.

A new digital sign is the perfect way to move vehicles off your lot and promote high-margin services your customers may not be aware you offer. With flexible on premise advertising, you can speak directly to consumers who pass by your location every day and instantly promote service offerings, financing plans, changing inventory, and car wash services.

Redirecting a portion of your advertising budget to an outdoor digital sign puts programmable messaging in your hands. Unlike any other form of advertising, a digital sign allows businesses to communicate instantly with consumers as they pass by your location each day. Achieve tangible, positive results and drive growth with the help of LED signs.

Adding an interior display on your product sales floor can increase interest in the newest models and highlight state-of-the-art automotive features. Promote detailing services and membership deals inside your car wash lobby with an interior display. Boost visual excitement to help increase brand awareness with dynamic custom content and eye-catching visuals.

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“During the first week of having our new Watchfire LED sign, a company’s supervisor was driving by and looking for BackRacks for their new trucks. We were advertising it on our sign, and it so happens it was exactly what his company was looking for....”
  • — Tony Androsuk
  • Owner, Southern Truck Equipment

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“Watchfire displays have been an instrumental part of our business. The best advice I have is to think outside the box. Getting people talking is the best advertisement you can have.”

Splash Car Wash, founded in 1981, has more than 80 locations in New York, Connecticut, and Vermont. Operating in a crowded market, Splash offers a unique experience and has been named "Best Carwash” more than 40 times by numerous publications.

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