Ignite OA now fully integrated with Blip

Blip is an online self-serve marketplace for local advertisers to easily buy time on digital billboards. Many of these advertisers have been requesting time on displays operated by Watchfire customers.

Watchfire’s industry-leading billboard software, Ignite OA, is now directly integrated with Blip. That means it’s easier than ever to make more money on any Watchfire display powered by Ignite. Access to advertising from the Blip Marketplace can be easily granted directly from Ignite OA software.

The integration with Blip’s self-serve online buying platform helps Watchfire customers access more advertising demand for their displays. Blip makes it easy for advertisers of all sizes with a wide range of budgets to purchase time on billboards across the country. Now with only a few clicks, billboard operators can opt into the Blip online marketplace and start earning revenue from new advertisers.

Many outdoor advertising companies have been steadily increasing their sales from Blip marketplace-generated demand for their signs. DDI Media’s CEO Vince Miller recently shared his Blip experience with Watchfire. “We’re now connecting with smaller businesses who wouldn’t normally have the budget or scale to buy OOH advertising. Blip has brought us incremental revenue from new customers, without competing against our sales team or targeting our existing client base. There have even been months where Blip has been my number one or number two salesperson for their allocated inventory.”

Watch the video above to learn more about why DDI Media has been winning more business with Blip. View the press release online.

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