BASS, Ltd. Acquires Six Digital Billboards From Watchfire Digital Outdoor

Watchfire Digital Outdoor, manufacturer of the industry's best looking and most reliable digital billboards, announced that BASS, Ltd., founded by Stephen B. Sonnier of Lafayette, La., has purchased six 19mm digital LED billboards manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor.  Installation of the two 19mm 12' x 40' digital billboards and four 19mm 10' x 35' digital billboards is scheduled to begin just six weeks after the order was placed.

Outdoor advertisers are interested in digital billboards because they can be updated remotely in minutes using software and a high-speed Internet connection. This technology will allow BASS, Ltd.'s outdoor advertisers to run specific messages coinciding with the time of day or special events. Car dealerships, banks, restaurants, real estate companies, radio stations, hospitals and oilfield related businesses are among the many advertisers interested in his new digital billboards.

BASS, Ltd. is taking advantage of the board's software flexibility to make time available on its digital billboards for real-time Amber Alerts, hurricane warnings and other public information addresses.

BASS, Ltd. selected Watchfire Digital Outdoor following a comprehensive review of all major digital billboard manufacturers.

"Watchfire is a well-run business and we wanted to be a part of their growth," said Sonnier. "In terms of technology, Watchfire is the only manufacturer that is making a 19mm board, which provides the sharpest image in the industry. They also have the most energy efficient design in the business. This provides a tremendous savings which can passed on to our customers."

Watchfire Digital Outdoor packs 768 individual LEDs into every sq. ft. of its 19mm billboards. In addition to the high LED density, Watchfire's billboards produce 281 trillion colors, the most in the industry.

Watchfire's Ignite® software also was an important component for BASS, Ltd. because it is easy to use but packed with sophisticated features, including: scheduling that sets image dwell times and enables dayparting; 24/7 Web cam monitoring of schedules and performance; automated diagnostics to monitor components, temperature, and operation; automatic sign dimming; and proof-of-performance reporting that can be generated for each advertiser.

The digital billboards are the first for BASS, Ltd., which was founded in 1992 and has 65 billboard locations in South Louisiana.

"Digital billboards allow advertisers to be completely creative and flexible," said Sonnier.  "They are the future of billboard advertising trade, and we are happy to bring the future of our industry to Cajun Country."