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  • Preparing your LED Sign or Digital Billboard for Severe Weather

    It's hurricane season again. Each year we are asked about the best course of action to protect an LED sign or digital billboard. Our products have been tested by tornadoes, hurricanes, severe winter weather, and punishing heat.

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  • 5 Things to Consider if you Have an Older LED Sign

    Watchfire Signs Sales Director John Kunze was recently interviewed for a story in Digital Signage Today about the life cycle of an LED sign and when to consider an upgrade or replacement. In the last 10 years, LED sign technology has evolved greatly. Business owners who were "early adopters" of the electronic message centers may be wondering if it is time to replace or update their old sign. If your sign is five or more years old, here five some key factors you shouldn't overlook.

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  • Watchfire KnowledgeBase: The 24/7 LED Sign Resource

    Want to learn more about your Watchfire LED sign? Check out the newly updated KnowledgeBase articles so you get the most of out your digital sign. You may be surprised how easy it is to install software and perform other tasks with a little help from our KnowledgeBase. It’s a great resource for any questions you might have about your sign and it’s available 24 hours a day. You can access informative articles just by typing in keywords in the KnowledgeBase search bar.

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  • Electronic Message Center Artwork: Keeping It Clean

    Because of the wide range of colors and fonts available within our Ignite® Graphics Software, it may be tempting to try out many combinations of these elements when creating sign artwork. Experimenting with design is fun, but may not lead to the most effective messages. For this reason, we have produced a set of best practices for designing your own artwork.

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  • The Importance of Color in Digital Signage

    How important is color in advertising? So important that different color forecasting and research companies, such as Pantone, predict the coming year’s most popular colors. These prediction services are popular since they help companies improve their products and image. For example, color can affect how companies design their ads and can make product packaging more current and more enticing.

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