Watchfire Digital Outdoor Authors Whitepaper for Independent Operators

Watchfire Digital Outdoor, manufacturer of the industry's best looking and most reliable digital billboards, announced it has created a whitepaper written specifically for independent outdoor operators titled, "7 Strategies to Simplify Digital Outdoor Sales and Increase Your Revenue."

The whitepaper is written in conversational style and covers a variety of topics designed to inform billboard operators about best practices in the new digital billboard industry, including how to maximize sales and profits. 

Topics covered in detail in the whitepaper include:

  • How to build a rate card for digital billboards.
  • How to accurately forecast your ROI.
  • How to "steal" advertising dollars from other media to grow per-board revenue.
  • What is dayparting and why digital billboard advertisers will find it attractive.
  • How to identify opportunities for sharing board time with six to eight advertisers.
  • How to select and train the ideal candidate for a digital sales team.
  • How to position digital billboards so that advertisers will respond to the value proposition.

 "Because digital billboards are flexible and can easily communicate time-sensitive messages, they should be directly compared to other forms of timely and relevant media, such as radio, newspaper  and television," said Darrin Friskney, director of Watchfire Digital Outdoor.  "This is a new way of thinking for most outdoor operators accustomed to working with static, vinyl boards. This guide will help answer the questions we've heard from independent operators thinking of going digital."

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