Bill Cole Automall, Bluefield, WV

Bill Cole Automall, in Bluefield, W.Va., has a well-earned reputation as an innovator among auto dealerships, but they had a problem on their hands: an expensive older bulb sign that cost over $1,000 per month to run.

So, with the help of Todd Hardy, National Sales Executive at MC Sign Co., the dealership learned about the increased energy efficiency of a newer LED sign by Watchfire. The upgrade to an XVS 19mm display also qualified them for a $42,000 rebate from Appalachian Electric Power.

Mark Warner, Director of Marketing at Bill Cole Automall, noted that the sign has been a great motivator for his sales team. “They are the ones outside looking at the sign all day and it gives them a sense of pride in the dealership. It’s an important reminder that they have a real edge over the competition.”

Bill Cole’s approach to advertising with this latest technology has made their dealership a local landmark. During the upgrade, MC Sign Company was instrumental in helping the dealership choose the right Watchfire product for their needs. Hardy explained, “Once we did an ROI analysis to look at the cost per day, and with the maintenance and electricity savings — it was a no-brainer.”

Watchfire’s local representative brought a demo truck for an on-site demonstration of the sign’s vibrant display and easy-to-use software. Watchfire even provided computer renderings to show the dealership exactly how the proposed sign would look, complete with content that showcased their logo and branding. Hardy explained, “I recommend Watchfire because they have a great support system. And Watchfire’s software and graphics are some of the best in the industry.”

As soon as the sign was installed, the image quality was show-stopping. “We treat our LED sign like a TV screen to show our commercials,” declared Warner. “We keep it updated so our customers feel like they are always seeing something new.”

The ability to capture customer attention, paired with significant cost savings, have convinced the team at Bill Cole Automall that their Watchfire LED sign was a smart investment.

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