Durden Outdoor Adds Watchfire Digital Billboard in Unique Eufaula Installation

Durden Outdoor, a Dothan, AL based outdoor advertising company, has created a  three-sided billboard structure in historic Eufaula, Alabama. The unique structure resembles a lighthouse and is anchored by a 19mm 12'x24' digital billboard manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor. Two static billboards flank the digital billboard on the adjacent sides.‚Äč

Located on Highway 431, this installation is Barbour County's first digital billboard and was specially designed to pay homage to Lake Eufaula and the area's historic roots. The intersection is close to the town's main shopping area, with approximately 35,000 vehicles passing by it each day.

Durden Outdoor previously imported its digital billboards from a China-based manufacturer, but made the switch to Watchfire Digital Outdoor for this installation.

"Our imported digital billboards operate on three-phase power, whereas Watchfire's boards only require a single-phase power source," explained Bill Durden, vice president and creative director of Durden Outdoor. "This instantly translated to a significant cost savings for us."

Importing billboards from overseas meant high shipping costs, a significant delay between purchase and delivery, and the cost and logistics involved in transporting boards to installation sites. Durden Outdoor also had to assemble boards upon arrival, because imported boards are shipped in multiple pieces.

"Because Watchfire is in the United States, delivery and installation are much more cost-effective and efficient," continued Durden. "Eliminating shipping cut the time between purchase and delivery in half. Also, the quality of the board has been outstanding. We absolutely will choose Watchfire for our next digital billboard."

The new billboard features various advertisers, including insurance agents, utility companies, automobile dealerships, a local church and the regional hospital.

With its True-16mm, True-19mm and new E-16mm, Watchfire has an entire line of digital billboard products to suit almost any need. All Watchfire Digital Outdoor billboards produce 1.15 quintillion colors and utilize state-of-the-art, whole-sign color calibration. Watchfire is the only manufacturer that fully encapsulates its LED modules in a thick bed of silicone gel, enabling the modules to operate reliably even in the harshest conditions. Durability is further enhanced by Watchfire's streamlined design, which focuses on minimizing the number of parts and connections, improving field performance and reliability. All Watchfire boards feature lightweight extruded aluminum cabinetry that complies with IBC 2006 standards and allows for low-cost, fast installation and simplified maintenance. Watchfire's warranty, lead times, customer support, and software are considered to be the best in the industry.

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