4 Digital Trends in the Sports Market for 2018

San Jose Giants Video DisplayIt looks like the new year is going to be big for digital signage in the sports market. Digital gives fans the ultimate experience with the ability to show instant replays, game stats, live-video, and venue information. Vibrant sponsorship messages can increase revenue for venues and teams. As pricing has become more affordable, indoor displays will increase in popularity. Many high schools are installing video displays in gymnasiums, stadiums, and recreation centers, while universities and professional sports teams, who adopted digital displays in the early days of the technology, are upgrading their displays and scoreboards to keep pace and provide the best fan atmosphere.

Digital is a versatile and responsive technology, so keep an eye on these trends:

1. Any Event or Sport. It doesn’t matter what event or sport; a digital video display can handle anything for today’s tech-savvy crowds. Schools can broadcast graduation ceremonies, orchestrate pep rallies, advertise upcoming events, and broadcast lots of detailed information easily and effectively.

2. Virtual Scoreboards. A virtual scoreboard on a digital display can show stats for any sport’s program with ease. A football stadium scoreboard can be turned into a soccer stadium scoreboard simply by changing the layout through the software. Digital gives indoor sports the same flexibility.

3. Player Profiles. Connect your fans to the players with messages about who’s coming up to bat next, featuring a player who just made an amazing shot, or updating substitutions. Video displays highlight players’ statistics and show them in action.

4. Live-Video. Professional teams, high schools, and colleges are building bigger stadiums to accommodate more fans. By providing live-video during every event, fans can see, in greater detail, what’s going on –  from any seat in the house. From concerts to games, being able to see an activity, event, sport, speech, etc. in real-time is a crowd-pleaser that enhances the fan experience, and makes the venue stand out.

Whether you’re looking to add a video display to a gymnasium scoreboard, stadium scoreboard, or rec center, the goal is to provide a crowd stopping experience. As fans become more tech savvy, purchasing a digital display with reliable, tested components is important. Look for digital signage that is engineered to create a memorable experience for your fans now, with the flexibility to grow with future trends. By focusing on these areas, your display will hit a homerun.

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