3 Trends in Digital Signage for 2021

This past year was a difficult one for many businesses to navigate, with some challenges continuing for businesses into the new year. At Watchfire, our research and development team is always looking for easier ways to control your sign, create content aimed at your target audience, and ultimately help your business thrive in this economy.

Let’s look at a few digital signage trends we see on the horizon, along with the Watchfire features that will help position your business for success in 2021. This year is already beginning to look promising for some industries to experience growth.

1.  Increase Daypart Messages to Reach a Wider Range of Consumers
In these economic times, dayparting has never been more important to reach more consumers daily, especially since fewer people are out driving or walking past businesses every day. Watchfire’s Ignite content management software makes it easy to create schedules that automatically change your content depending on the time of day. Convenience stores are proficient at using targeted messages to reach different customers, whether it is for someone needing a cup of morning coffee or a beef jerky snack in the afternoon.

Now other industries are following suit. A church might share a bible verse in the morning to inspire daily commuters and at night let people know about their virtual small group meetings for the community to join online. A multi-tenant retail complex could share information about ordering their businesses’ products online and same day pick, and change to night time messages, letting diners know when restaurants are open for take-out for those looking for dinner ideas.

2.  Use Cloud-based Software to Control Signs
During the pandemic, many businesses have moved their employees to work from home or remote working situations. With a physical computer to run sign management software, this makes it difficult for users to update their signs. Now with cloud-based software you have the convenience of being located anywhere in the world and as long as you have a reliable internet connection and a laptop you can schedule content for your sign. Watchfire’s Ignite OPx broke new ground for cloud-based content management in 2016, and we continue to make advancements that make it more and more user friendly.

Learn more about our Ignite OPx software here.

3.  Add Indoor LED Displays or Video Walls to Redefine Interior Spaces
By incorporating indoor LED displays inside your business, you can increase advertising and promotions for consumers waiting for service or picking up products, while building your brand image. Interior digital displays are the perfect solution to increasing sales and encouraging customers to become repeat customers. Another great feature of Watchfire’s interior signage is our Ignite OPx content management software, which allows you to control both outdoor signs and indoor displays from the same platform, for added convenience and effectiveness.

Whatever your business goals are for 2021, adding an LED sign can help you accomplish them. Advertising trends change, but having your own on premise marketing tool will make advertising easier, more efficient, and more powerful with digital signage.

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