Don’t Be Under The Weather

The meteorologists have weighed in. You’ve been watching the radar all night and have stocked up on milk and bread. As the weather system creeps in, you’re prepared.

But if you’re a school administrator, clergy at a house of worship or a small business owner, you’re probably concerned about weather related issues – maybe even cancellations. This time of year, having an LED sign in your winter storm arsenal can make a tremendous difference in how you “weather” any conditions that Mother Nature throws your way.

If services or classes are cancelled, one of the most immediate ways to notify the community is by changing the message on the sign out in front. First imagine that sign is a manual reader board. Who do you want to send out into the snowbank to make those changes, dropping letters in the snow or watching them blow away in a strong wind?

Now imagine that sign is a Watchfire LED sign. You can program a cancellation message from your computer with easy-to-use Ignite software. You can also give complete details about schedule changes, postponements, or a phone number to call for more information. You can even share important weather updates, public awareness messages and, of course, temperature readings. And with high-quality, reliable signs that are tested to survive temperatures from -40 to 140° F, you won’t have to worry about your Watchfire LED sign performing during some pretty foul weather conditions.

Add in the convenience of a low-cost broadband connection, and you have the ability to update your sign from any location. So if you’re spending the winter at the beach (or just don't want to go outside), a wireless broadband connection lets you stay warm while your sign does the work.

For your small business, an LED sign allows you to let consumers know that you can meet their weather-related needs. Have a few snow blowers left in inventory or a special on ice-melt? There’s no production costs or lead-time necessary to advertise what customers need during a weather emergency – even if that’s just a discount on pizzas during a snowy winter night.

An LED sign is an advertising tool that gives you immediate and dynamic exposure to area consumers and those who rely on your services. LED signs are the only signage that can be quickly and easily programmed to better meet community needs, whatever the weather.

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