Bringing Customers in for Destination Items

It can be difficult to attract customers into brick and mortar businesses during the busy holiday shopping season, since many consumers have turned to online shopping. By highlighting what your business sells, particularly unique products or services, you can become a destination location for potential customers driving by.

Lakewood Dentistry; 10mm, 3'5

How can you advertise effectively, and be able to change advertising based on the products or services you want to highlight? The answer rests with digital signage. With a manual reader board, it can be difficult and cumbersome to change messages daily, or as frequently as needed. Digital signage lets you think of the products and services that draw customers to your location and advertise them in a flexible and market-responsive way.

Drug stores provide flu shots, seasonal over-the-counter remedies and last-minute gifts. Banks need customers to know about changing loan rates and account specials. A dental practice promotes teeth whitening services and back-to-school check-ups. Convenience stores sell volumes of snacks and beverages. Restaurants can benefit from advertisements for happy hour specials or holiday meals. All of these products and services are strongly associated with specific businesses.

Digital signage can also play a key role in building brand recognition and customer loyalty. Shoppers develop longer term relationships with businesses that have loyalty point programs to reward them for purchases made. Think about all the stores and businesses you frequent. Even small business owners are orchestrating unique reward systems that increase foot traffic into their stores, to keep customers coming back. Using digital signage draws attention to destination locations.

Digital signage is also perfect for giving customers information on new products and services. In just one example, millennials love their coffee and retail stores are capitalizing on that. Target, Jewel-Osco, Uniqlo, and Meijer are just a few stores that are adding coffee shops. This new wave that associates shopping and coffee can turn these locations into destinations that go beyond a transactional relationship. Customers might not initially associate these businesses with a coffee shop, but it’s a strategy that not only brings in millennials for a cup of coffee; it keeps them in the store to browse merchandise as they sip on their lattes.

Using digital signage is an easy solution to showcase unique products or services you have to offer that will make your business stand out, and will ultimately drive customers to your door.


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