Electronic Message Centers Can Boost Small Town Sales

Small towns and cities can offer big opportunities for targeted marketing through business signage. Because many small towns no longer have an outlet for news and local advertising, an LED sign can fill the void by keeping the public informed.

In fact, installing an LED sign in your small town can give you the opportunity to turn your business into a landmark. With an LED sign, you can provide snippets of local weather, news and sports information, which lets you take a more focused approach to marketing to residents.

Recent Watchfire LED sign sales in small towns across the country prove that any market can benefit from digital signs. Watchfire LED sign owners have had lots of success creating messages to fit their markets.

  •  A church in Cresaptown, Md. (population 6,263) installed an LED sign in order to celebrate its anniversary.  The church now communicates with the community by congratulating newlyweds and displaying inspirational messages.  It succeeded in gaining new members and a steady stream of compliments about the sign.
  • A muffler and tire business in Franklin, Va. (population 8,582) used its sign to advertise 10 times as many special deals, sales and rebates than before. It drew more traffic immediately.
  • A bank in Chanute, Kansas (population 9,119) installed a sign to draw more business and also succeeded in reducing its advertising expenses. It not only promotes its services, but has become a local landmark thanks to displaying community event notices.


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