Ignite Sports: Effortless File Sharing for Maximum Impact

Stop emailing yourself files or searching for a flash drive. Watchfire’s Ignite Sports event management software lets users access cloud file sharing, so content can be transferred at any time and from anywhere to a virtual scoreboard or video display.

“Being able to add Dropbox to our content management process was a game changer,” said Tom Fricke, information director for the Danville Dans. “I create content, upload it to a folder labeled with the game date and then forget about it. On game day, the first thing our intern does is import everything from that folder.”

File Transfer
Cloud-based file sharing gives Ignite Sports users flexibility and convenience. Sitting at her desk, a band teacher can upload ads for upcoming concerts to a shared folder. Across campus, the school’s athletic director can import that file directly into Ignite Sports and display it on the video scoreboard seconds later.

Ignite Sports’ built-in media importer works seamlessly with a school’s or facility’s internal server. Ignite Sports is also compatible with file-sharing systems like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. Getting started is easy. Start by connecting your Ignite Sports computer to the Internet, then choose a file sharing system and download its desktop app. The app acts as a folder on your desktop.

Here are links to some popular file sharing systems.

In Ignite Sports, use the media importer to locate the content you want to import. The path often looks like this: C:\Users\YOUR USER or PC NAME\OneDrive

Mobile Upload
Most file-sharing systems have mobile apps too, so a student can take photos and videos with a cell phone and upload them with the app. An Ignite Sports operator can immediately import those files and publish them to a video display or virtual scoreboard. This also allows content producers to take advantage of numerous editing apps to create professional looking content in minutes.

Access Control
Cloud-based file sharing services have access controls to determine who can and can’t see, edit, download or upload files. Many file sharing apps also let you add password protection and expiration dates. These features help maintain control while giving easy access to volunteers, students and staff.

Sponsor Ads
One of the best features of a Watchfire video display is the ability to generate revenue with sponsorships. Creating a folder for ads and sharing the link with advertisers lets them simply upload a new graphic or video to the shared folder anytime they want to update an ad. This is ideal for sponsors like restaurants or car dealers who want to promote weekly specials. Consider adjusting sponsorship pricing to reflect this kind of premium service.

Scoreboard Pays for Itself

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