Missed Opportunities: Static Artwork on Digital Billboards

One thing that I still see from time to time is a tendency for advertisers to use the same creative on both digital and static billboards. Whether this occurs out of convenience or due to a lack of imagination is unclear, but operators who are looking out for the best interests of their customers would be wise to help educate advertisers about how to use digital to their advantage.

When digital is used to engage the audience with timely messages, advertisers can make the most of their return on investment. Yes, digital billboard are completely capable of delivering static branding and directional messages, but when the advantages of digital are underutilized, the advertiser really misses out on the chance to stand out in the crowd and make a connection with their customers.

Digital billboards can combine the immediacy of radio, the local reach of television, the day-to-day flexibility of newspaper, and the viral appeal of the web. They can and should be used for price points, daily events and promotions. Content that is scheduled by daypart, or includes dynamic or RSS triggers should be used so that advertisers have the benefit of displaying the perfect message at the perfect time.

Billboard operators own the responsibility for properly educating advertising clients. Advertisers, especially at the local level, may not yet know how to tap in to the great functionality that digital billboards offer. With a little education, they could be using the right tools, AND get a better return. Demonstrating the potential of the medium is the key to the mutual success of operators and advertisers alike.

If you want to help your advertising clients make the most of digital, read our free guide, 10 Strategies to Succeed with Digital Billboards.