QSRs Boost Sales with LED Displays

Pizza Hut; 16mm, 3'5Quick service restaurants have to stay current by offering fresh, new items on their menu. The easiest way to broadcast new menu items is by using digital signage to reach out to consumers driving by their locations.

Customers today have many options for fast food. Many consumers make impulse decisions for food purchases while driving by and noticing specials on the restaurant’s signage. According to an article in QSR magazine, advertising a variety of meals is a fantastic way to maintain your customer base.

If you want messages on your sign to stand out, try incorporating video animation. Short animations with timely content can attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians. Watchfire’s free EasyArt library offers extensive premade content to choose from, but also allows you to import your own videos. Ignite content management software makes it easy to adjust hold times so you’re always within the guidelines of your local zoning ordinances.

Dayparting messages is another very easy way to broadcast menu items at a particular time of day. Advertising coffee specials in the morning, combos during lunch, and snacks for the late night crowd. QSRs are using outdoor digital signage to display promotions and new menu items to increase foot traffic.

Promotions and advertising don’t have to stop when customers enter a QSR. Indoor LED video walls can increase the customers overall experience. A few more options to engage with customers inside include displaying promos on seasonal items or loyalty programs, infotainment programs, menus and nutritional information or sports programs. Amplifying engagement with your brand can ensures customers will be back.

LED displays are perfect to use for branding, showcasing menu items or promotions. Outdoor digital signage generates interest from people driving by, while indoor signage can provide a positive experience that brings customers back. At all locations, digital signage is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising. Watchfire’s customers typically see an increase in traffic and sales after installing LED signs.


Learn how to make your restaurant stand out with our free sales sheet to digital signage for quick-service restaurants.

Dynamic digital signage can engage your customers, encourage add-on sales and attract customers. Learn how to make your restaurant stand out in our free sales sheet to digital signage for QSRs.