Watchfire Signs Scholarship Recognizes Student Creativity on Video Scoreboards

Watchfire Signs is offering a scholarship to recognize a high school student who develops inspiring content for a high school Watchfire video scoreboards or displays.

The Fired Up Watchfire Scholarship will provide $500 in financial assistance to a graduating high school senior who demonstrates excellence in creating and using digital content on a Watchfire sports display during a live event.

"We are looking for students who make a positive impact on school pride with their ability to fire up players, fans, students and the community using the school's video display or virtual scoreboard at events,” said Mary Ellen Fricke, sports marketing lead at Watchfire Signs.

Schools install Watchfire video displays and virtual scoreboards to entertain fans, increase sponsorship revenue, and provide learning experiences for students. Indoor and outdoor display models can be used in any stadium or sports facility to engage fans and deliver a professional-quality sports experience.

"We've noticed an increase in schools integrating the displays into the curriculum, enabling students to learn video production, design and content management skills,” said Fricke. "This provides real-world experience to students and we want to recognize that effort.”

Eligible content must be created by the applicant and displayed on an indoor or outdoor Watchfire sports display between January 1, 2019 and April 1, 2020. Submissions can be static graphics, animations, videos, crowd prompts, advertisements, or any other content that creates fan engagement.

The deadline to apply is April 17, 2020, and the winner will be announced in May.

Additional information and selection criteria can be found at

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