The Power of Ten

Ten years ago today, Watchfire launched our digital billboard division. In that time, the technology has helped push out-of-home advertising to even greater prominence as an important, interactive medium competing and winning against other forms of electronic media. Advertisers who might have been skeptical at first, now understand the dynamic capabilities of this still escalating advertising tool.

One thing that hasn’t changed at Watchfire is our commitment to the customer. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the finest quality electronic displays in the world, just as we’ve been doing since 1932. In addition to the tenth anniversary of our digital billboard division, in 2017 our company celebrates its 85th year of putting the customer, and a quality product, first.

Darrin Friskney, Watchfire’s vice president of Outdoor Advertising, has been with Watchfire since the first billboard left our manufacturing facility in Danville, Illinois, ten years ago. Even then, he knew the profound impact that digital would have on the outdoor advertising field. "Outdoor advertising has become a frontline contender for advertising investment dollars, due in large part to the emergence of digital technology," said Friskney in December of 2006.  "While many traditional mass market media have recently struggled, digital outdoor is helping the outdoor advertising industry thrive."

And digital has thrived. With the advancements made in personal, handheld and internet based technologies, the digital community is poised for even greater growth moving forward. Data is the lynchpin, and digital billboards are tapping into it to succeed in the future.

“As digital billboards become smarter, messages are becoming more targeted and relevant,” said Friskney. “Billboards are becoming easier to use and more reliable. Messages ease day-to-day decisions for consumers because they are more streamlined and tailored.”

Ten years ago today, Watchfire Signs entered the digital billboard market. Since then, we’ve designed, engineered, and manufactured boards guaranteed to perform at their peak for at least that long. In fact, about 90% of our 10-year-old digital billboards are still going strong, thanks to the quality and commitment Watchfire has promised since day one.

Here’s to a decade of superior digital billboards.

Here’s to a decade of strength and brilliance.

And here’s to a decade of incredible customers.

Here’s to the power of 10.


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