Top 5 Uses for Digital Signage at Convention Centers

Sampson County Exposition Center; 12mm, 4'5" x 9'3", Clinton, NC​Most convention centers have installed some form of digital signage throughout their facilities. From large LED signs out front to indoor displays in lobbies and meeting rooms, convention centers are quickly becoming great locations for digital signage.

Below are five ways that convention centers can take full advantage of a digital signage platform.

1. Generate Revenue
Convention center visitors are a targeted consumer group that advertisers will pay to engage. Advertising during events allows show sponsors and exhibitors to drive traffic to their booth and with content that be updated daily. Local businesses, like restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues can use event digital signage to entice event attendees with timely promotions. With the flexibility of digital content, it’s easy to update content to match changing situations.

2. Continually Updated Convention Schedules
Expo schedules can be complex. There are often multiple events taking place at a single convention center on any given day. This makes it challenging for visitors to find their way through massive convention centers to the sessions and rooms that matter. With digital signage, convention centers can display timely way-finding information to visitors for every event being hosted. Since each screen can be programmed independently with custom content, convention center staff can target messages based on the schedule in each area, while also offering directions for other events taking place in different parts of the building.

3. Emergency Notifications
If there is an emergency in the convention center, a reliable and immediate way to convey information to visitors is vital. The best content management software offers immediate content overrides capabilities so that event staff can alert attendees of an emergency and the actions they should take. Although you hope this messaging system is never required, it’s important tool that all convention centers need in order to keep their visitors and staff safe in emergency situations.

4. Live Streaming Event Content
To increase attendance at keynote speaker events, many convention centers are live-streaming events on their digital screen network. Exhibitors love this capability as they can now reach individuals throughout the venue. For large convention halls, attendees may choose to watch the keynote from a comfortable quiet location with a better view, rather than going to a crowded conference room.

5. Enhanced Offerings to Exhibitors
When industry organizations and companies look for convention centers to host their events, they look for more than just a space large enough to fit their attendees. In the competitive market for events, a strong digital signage program can enhance the convention center’s attractiveness. The right content management and use of a digital signage network can help the convention center sales staff close more deals and bring more events to venues.

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