Using Artwork to Get Results and Attract Advertisers

Selling advertising space is, in practice, selling an intangible. The deliverable is the benefit that comes from running the ad. Some prospects understand this on a basic level, but have a hard time moving forward on this concept alone. You have to paint them a picture. Lucky for you, your digital billboard can be your giant canvas. 

With the right approach, you can show prospects how digital can work for them. Here are a few helpful ideas for using the visual power of digital outdoor to demonstrate tangible value.

  • Create Spec Art – Have a great idea for a potential customer? Go ahead and design it before your presentation. Explain to them that you have been thinking about their business and that this idea/artwork could really help increase their sales. If they start making layout and color suggestions for the art, you'll know they are engaged and that you have a better chance of closing the sale.
  • Show Function – Provide visuals that demonstrate the dynamic abilities of the sign. You'll be more successful if you can help them think about incorporating conditional content and dayparting into their campaign. It's important to push the concept that the right message at the right time dramatically increases effectiveness. 
  • Run It – On the day you plan to meet your prospect, schedule those copy ideas on the empty slot you are trying to sell them. Then take your client to the billboard site as part of your presentation (or offer to drive as you take them out to lunch.) Seeing their ad on your billboard will certainly help them visualize the possibilities - and best of all, it doesn’t cost you a thing. Operators I have spoken to who have used this technique report a closing rate of around 80%.

In your next presentation, walk your client through the design, the dynamic capability of the billboard, and the shear impact of seeing his business name in lights. You'll make an impression that will help you seal the deal.

Download free digital billboard artwork to help showcase dynamic content capability.

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