Pixel Pitch Is Important to Your Message

You’ll face many decisions when choosing the right digital sign for your location. Height, size and design impact the effectiveness of your message. Pixel pitch plays an important role too. The wrong resolution for your application can reduce readability, add unnecessary costs, or leave an unfavorable impression of your company. Watchfire will work with your local sign company to help you optimize each square inch of your sign, right down to the pixel.

So let’s start there. What is a pixel? In the case of a full-color LED sign, a pixel is a cluster of three LEDs, usually one red, one blue and one green. Pixel pitch determines the resolution of a sign. Pitch is the measurement, in millimeters, of space between pixels. Sign model names usually include this measurement. For example, a 16mm sign has LED clusters, or pixels, that are spaced 16 millimeters apart.

Let’s look at how pixel pitch relates to readability. The smaller the pitch measurement, the more pixels a sign contains and the higher the resolution it is. One reason to choose a higher resolution sign is because it’s capable of displaying more complex content and will improve readability of text at shorter distances in less space. Essentially, the more pixels you have on your sign the better the image quality will be.

It may seem like the highest resolution is the obvious choice, but let’s look at some reasons why a better fit may be a lower resolution. Every model of LED sign has an optimal viewing distance, which is the distance our eyes blend individual pixels together into a smooth image. The farther away a sign is, the easier it is for our eyes to create a seamless look.

If your LED sign will be installed far away from traffic or at a great height, you will want to increase the size of the sign to improve readability. Because the sign is larger and farther away, you can also decrease the resolution. Roadside digital billboards, often as large as 300 square feet, are usually in a pitch of 16 or 19 millimeters. The opposite is true if your sign will be installed closer to the intended audience. In this case, the screen may be less than 50 square feet, so a pitch of 6, 8 or 10 millimeters is more appropriate.  

It’s important to understand pixel pitch when deciding what sign is best for your location. We have a great video below that explains pixel pitch in detail, and will help give you a better visual understanding about sign resolution.

Each jobsite is unique, and every business has their own way of advertising their product or services. That is why Watchfire will custom make a sign just for you. Our outdoor products range from our high resolution 6mm to our 19mm. Our team can build your sign in any size based on 1 foot increments. We have displays for any sign application and everyone’s advertising needs.

Looking for inspiration? Visit our product image galleries to see what other businesses are using as far as the size of sign and the content they’re displaying. This will help give you an idea of the size of sign you will need, and what type of content to use on your sign depending on the industry. Also, make sure you choose a manufacturer who can show you an on-site product demonstration. Our territory managers can come to your site and show you what your new sign could look like from the road. Schedule your demo today by clicking here and completing the form.

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